Just Keep Running

This past year has really caused us to think on our feet, and COVID insists on being disruptive to many public events heading into the New Year.

As of now, we are optimistic that we will run an in-person event on March 27, 2021. You will see some changes as far as the Pasta Dinner, Packet Pickup, Expo and use of the facilities, but we are determined to Keep Running.

While we continuously strive to keep our community of older adults safe beyond measure, as well as our running community, there may be some uphills and downhills along the way. We are committed to operate under whatever PA Department of Health guidelines are in place at the time of the event.

We will host the Virtual Races with the opportunities to obtain the great race swag our runners have grown to love over the years. We will have easy options for switching from a live race event to a virtual event as well. We are looking forward to running through this pandemic with you, and hope to be a bright spot for you in the year 2021.

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