Any other year, we encourage the participation of family and friends on race day to cheer the runners, but this year due to COVID restrictions, we need to limit the amount of people on our campus. In order to ensure there is enough elbow room for everyone to feel safe, we are restricting spectators on our campus this year. If a spectator accompanies a runner to campus, we ask that they stay with their vehicle in the designated parking areas. There are port a pots that are accessible from there if needed, but we ask that we don’t have spectators roaming the campus otherwise.

If you choose to spectate on the course itself, we only ask that you please be courteous of our extremely patient neighbors. Be cautious of lawns, tire marks, trash on the route, and anything else that may raise an eyebrow! We appreciate your help in advance.

We don’t have any designated or recommended spectator areas. For liability reasons we simply don’t make any recommendations.

We know spectators tend to gravitate toward the water stops, which means it can be difficult to get off the road and park close to them. If you go out on the course please cooperate with the Police and Fire Police and be respectful of people’s yards and property.

The course map is available here.

The Garden Spot Village 1/2 Marathon & 10K introduced a new course in 2019 and is located in the midst of beautiful Lancaster County farmland.

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