As with most races we have a NO REFUND policy. We do our best to provide a quality event and an exciting experience for the best possible registration fee. We love our runners!

It seems like issuing a refund should be a simple thing: just write a check. If only it were that easy. We have to track all our financial transactions which means a request for a refund must be prepared and submitted. It must be approved and be submitted to accounts payable. It has to be audited. A lot of hands touch the refund which makes it costly to process. We could do it, but we’d have to increase everyone’s registration fee in order to account for the added cost.

In addition, once someone registers a bib is assigned, medals, shirts etc. are ordered. We buy food for each person for on the course and after the race. Deleting or substituting a name adds an entirely new order of logistics. Statistically events like 1/2 marathons and 10Ks experience a 10% no-show. However, we can’t plan for a 10% no show we have to plan for 100%. Actually, more than 100% because people who have not registered show up the day of the race and hope to run. Or people order a shirt only to discover it doesn’t fit very well and they want to exchange it. Your one refund may not seem like a lot but the cumulative effect is staggering.

We’d love to provide refunds and deferrals for any and all reasons but, as mentioned above, we would have to substantially increase fees to maintain the same level of quality and experience that makes the race enjoyable.

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