Just Go Run

The ticket to training and getting ready for your marathon or half marathon is pretty much “just go run.”  A funny thing just happened. Instead of typing “just go run” the keys cranked out “just go fun”. That’s a play on words that’s pretty true. For anyone who’s been running for a while we all know that when it comes right down to it running is fun. A lot of fun.

You’ll Smile in the End

Yeah, it takes discipline. There are times we don’t feel like lacing up. We become experts at making up excuses. The truth is when those times fall upon us and we dig way down into the depths of our resolve for the tiniest scrap of motivation, latch onto it and end up on the road or the trail, at the end of the day those runs are fun. You might end up short of breath. Exhausted. Panting like an old mule.You can’t help but smile in the end and feel good about the fact you did it. Just go run.

Endorphin Rush

My brother has some really great sayings. One is “money can’t buy happiness but it makes misery at lot more enjoyable,” another is, “the best part about a run is when its over!” Some days that’s true but other days every step is bliss. There’s nothing quite like an endorphin rush. That’s something non-runners don’t understand at all. You’re pushing along and all of a sudden it feels like the heavens have opened and manna is falling from the sky.

Those feelings are awesome. Just be careful because when the endorphins kick in it’s easy to think your legs have a lot more in them than what is good for them. I’ve talked to so many runners who’ve said, “I felt great so I just kept going and pushed a little harder,” and they ended up pulling a hamstring or with shin splints blowing out a knee. Train smart we want to see you in April.

Enjoy the Long Run

Enjoy your long run this weekend. I hope it’s a good one. Whether you can’t wait to get out the door or you have to dig for that last bit of resolve – just go run. You’ll be glad you did. You’re a runner. You know that even if the best part of the run is when it’s over it really will be a great feeling.

Keep up those mid week runs. Just go run. Here’s a video from my Wednesday morning run. With all the snow even though it was dark I could see pretty well. That didn’t work out too good for the video but you can hear me babble.

Run On!

Scott Miller, -rd
Garden Spot Village Marathon | Half Marathon | Kids Marathon

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