You Know You’re a Runner if . . .

You know you’re a runner (YKYAR) if you get up early on your day off when you could totally sleep in and go for a run instead. I worked last Saturday and Sunday so Monday and Tuesday were my “weekend”. Everyone went to work but me and Mousse. Mousse is our Chocolate Lab (Chocolate Mousse). As you’ll see in the video link below it was light out so while it was early was wasn’t so early it was still dark.

Runner Quirks

I’m rather fond of the “You know you’re a runner” statements. They sort of define our quirkiness and those things that only we relate to. Like YKYAR if you plan your vacations around runs. YKYAR if when you arrive on vacation the first thing you do is look for a run. YKYAR if when you travel for business you ask the desk clerk where there’s a good place to run before you check in. YKYAR if you have more running clothes than dress cloths. YKYAR if you hate spending money on new clothes but you’ll buy a wicking shirt for $89 without even thinking about it. And the list goes on. We can all relate to at least one or two of those statement.

The Reason

The reason is because we love to run. We  have good runs and bad runs. Slow runs and fast runs. Short runs and long runs. Sometimes we never want to stop. Other times we think we’ll die if we take one more step! Some days we wake up at 3:00 a.m., can’t fall back to sleep and think “I might as well just get up and go for a run.”  There’s something comforting, cleansing, revitalizing about our runs, Whether they are good or bad be always feel better after we’ve run.

Here’s the video from my day off run. April is coming. Get out there. Put miles on your legs. Train smart. Be careful. Most injuries occur as you push you mileage higher and higher. The 11 to 12 mile range for half marathoners and the 18 to 20 mile range seem to be the danger zones. It’s around those distances that e-mails start to arrive from runners who’ve injured themselves.

Be safe and enjoy those runs.

Run On!
Scott Miller, -rd

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