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Small successes are big during this time of uncertainty. Thank goodness we can run!

When we rang in 2020 this past New Year’s, there were so many references to having clear vision. It’s so ironic today, that our path ahead has probably never been fuzzier! My kids ask, “When will things be back to ‘normal’?” I ask myself, “Will we ever really get back to what ‘normal’ looked like? We spent Easter Sunday, as I am sure most of you did: made a special meal, hid eggs for the kids outside, worshipped online and took in televised Easter Sunday service. My husband and I have made an attempt at ‘normalcy’, one of our family goals for the foreseeable future. Some days that is harder than others. The days when that is easier than others, are the days we get out for a run.

One foot in front of the other

The kids had their last day of school and didn’t even know it. When they came home about two months ago, laptops and chargers in hand, and bewilderment on their faces, one of the things we did was set them up with a virtual race registration. I was already signed up for the Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K, and that had transitioned to a virtual race, so I signed the kids up for the 5K version. Now, more than ever, it was becoming very important that we find ways to set goals and FINISH something. The unexpected “break” from school left them (and most of us!) feeling left in the lurch without resolution, and there is noting more frustrating to this task-oriented person, than not finishing something.

The Bear

If you asked my father, “How was your run”, he would often respond with a reference to The Bear. Either you outran the bear, or some days, the bear got you. I am sure we can all relate to those runs, that when you finished, you felt like you could still put in a couple more miles. You felt great, healthy, confident- those were the days when you outran the bear. Then there were those days, where you felt like you had to talk your legs and lungs into keeping up with your will- and where every step feels like plodding through mud. Those were the days the bear got you. Reflecting on the past few months, it is easy to feel like the bear got us. Those small moments that we made space to FINISH something were, and will be, the steps to outrunning the bear. Congratulations to all of you who outran the bear, as you finished your virtual runs. We can’t wait to congratulate you, and share all of the fun merchandise that comes with a run like ours. This was truly one running season for the books!

You can always run

At a time when we feel like all we hear are the things we CAN’T do, you can always get out for a run. Please keep getting out for your run, and keep taking steps (literally and figuratively!) to set goals, and finish things. Together we’ll outrun the bear, and set our sights on next year’s race event at Garden Spot Village. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 27, 2021, as we plan to gather to celebrate another year’s worth of running accomplishment at our annual race event. We look forward to hosting a half-marathon, 10K, and a kids running event, and triumphing over the virus that has kept us a part.

Happy Trails,

Allison Cuthie

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