Some of our runners have sent e-mails wondering what they need to do.

  2. We are working on a form that we will e-mail to everyone who has registered and it will be on
  3. The plan is to e-mail a form to you by the end of the day Friday, March 20.
  4. Unless you registered after we changed the online price to $45 on Friday, March 13, please fill out the form that we will e-mail to you on 3/20/2020. It will help us keep track of you and your wishes.
  5. A virtual challenge is just as new for us as it is for you. It’s sort of like trying to organize something that typically takes several months in about a week and a half.
  6. We understand that things aren’t crystal clear at the moment and there are still many questions. We are working on it :).
  7. If you read Allison’s blog this week you know that she has participated in a virtual challenge so we have a leg up based on her experience. Thank goodness for that.
  8. You are always welcome to e-mail us. In fact, if you have a suggestion it’s welcome. We are crafting this event based upon what other virtual challenges have done and the comments from your e-mails. We might not get a chance to e-mail you back. It’s a little crazy right now.
  9. Feel free to panic about the Coronavirus, no need to panic about this. We’ll take care of you one way or another. I promise.

Thanks for all the supportive e-mails and social media comments. It seems to me that in the end runner’s are pretty resilient. Something throws us a curve and we just run through it or around it and keep on going. Here’s the thing, while there may be a significant amount of panic in the world at the moment and some of us must admit, we bought an extra roll or two of toilet paper, we can still run.

Races are getting cancelled. We can still run.
Maybe we’ve been told to avoid public places. We can still run.
My wife got a call this morning, don’t come to work next week. We can still run.
Maybe things will get worse before they get better. We can still run.
There ain’t no virus on the trail. We can still run.
There ain’t no virus on the road. We can still run.
It’s the great thing about our sport. The only thing that can stop us is us. Choose not to stop.

Our very first year we had gale force winds, up to something like 50+ mph. Everything blew away. People reported they were getting blown sideways and backwards. After the race people looked like aliens their faces were so caked with salt. Everything blew away and to top it off we ran out of safety pins for bibs. Talk about freaked out runners. Imagine getting a bib without safety pins. I’m surprised anyone ever came back to run with us again.

In 2016 we had a freak 6 inch snow storm. Interestingly 40+ runners walked up and registered that morning to run 26.2 miles. People were frozen. No one would go into the “medical tent” because they were cold. We changed the name to “heat tent” and it was wall-to-wall runners. My best story was the guy who was in the recovery tent, he was so cold his hands were shaking so bad that he could not get the straw of his MILK SHAKE in his mouth. Sometimes I question our sanity :).

Now we get to add pandemic to the list. What will the world throw at us next? Who know but we’ll keep on running!

Be safe out there and never quit.

Run On!
Scott -rd

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