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A mockup of the finishers medal for this year’s race is reminiscent of the hex signs that once dotted Pennsylvania farmland in the Swedish and Dutch German settlements.


Something people appreciate about our race event, is the fact that we allow runners to transfer seamlessly from the half marathon to the 10K. The planning team recently viewed the registration stats for the upcoming race, and noted that there have been less transfers this year. Hopefully that means the mild weather this winter has made it easier for you all to stay on track with your training plans. There have been some weekends, where it almost even felt like spring. I’ve started some long runs this year with jacket, hat, ear covering headband, and socks on my hands, and returned with everything shoved in my pockets. What a gift! (Yes, I wear socks on my hands instead of gloves…my father always did that and swore by them for breathability and warmth since your fingers weren’t all separated. While I have a good pair of running gloves, I will always wear the socks-but maybe that’s just because it is like taking a piece of my dad running with me.)

Train Wisely

One thing about the nicer weather I might caution you about, is making sure you don’t train longer or harder than you should, just because you are feeling good. I am always tempted to push just a little harder, or go a little longer if it is nice out, and runners know that there are days when a run feels so good. Then there are others when it feels like a chore just to get a short one in. Listen to your body, and don’t push a strained muscle or a tired IT band. We don’t want any injuries to keep you from joining us on March 28! Fuel properly and don’t forget to carry back up calories in your favorite form. Packaged gels and chews don’t always agree with my stomach, and I opt for homemade little bites. Here is a website I have used in the past for recipes that you can make yourself with little time and effort. https://www.runtothefinish.com/21-energy-bites-recipes/

Hex History

The new medal design for this year’s race is pretty neat. If you hadn’t already heard, we worked with Pennsylvania College of Art & Design to commission students to submit medal designs. The one that came out on top is reminiscent of the hex signs that you might see on barns or other buildings, often on farms. If you run in and around Pennsylvania, where 17th century Swedish and German Dutch settlers brought their rich heritage, you might see the colorful and symbolic circular signs. These colors and symbols have traditional meaning. I did some research on the symbols and the colors that appear in our medal this year. As far as I can tell, we are wishing you strength, courage, protection, diversity and appreciation of the beauty of life on earth. The colors suggest a wish for growth, health, passion and peace. Whether it was intentional in the design or not, it’s neat to see these timeless themes as a part of each of our training journeys.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Happy Trails!

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