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Meet my new running buddies! A pandemic is not going to keep these kiddos from running, and it shouldn’t keep you down either.

Do Something

At a recent Towne Meeting (a meeting that is held monthly here at GSV, that usually involves residents and staff to make sure everyone is on the same page with what’s going on, on and off campus) our Director of Pastoral Services called this time of the COVID-19- “An opportunity to do something differently”. It isn’t a time to stop doing things. In my house, it has been a time to start doing things. We’ve started to spend more time together at home (I am sure most of you can relate to that), started a new schedule of some learning, some fun, some new activities, etc. As I type, my ten year-old is trying her hand at making dinner for the family, and I am not really sure what kind of a scene I am going to find when I arrive home. I really appreciated Pastor Yoder’s perspective, and plan to keep it forefront in my mind. Let’s use this time when we’ve been limited in the things we can do, and keep doing things–just “do something differently”.

Just Keep Running

If you’re interested in completing our Virtual Challenge, I commend you for keeping on track with your training and moving towards that goal, even though it will go differently this year than we all planned. You weren’t the only one who had race plans interrupted. I had signed up for a run in Philadelphia for the week after our race events here at GSV. Around the same time we decided not to have an on-site event, this race made the same move. On the same day that I chose to do the virtual option of the race, my kids were also told they wouldn’t be going back to school for two weeks. I have twins who were just starting out on the middle school track team, and were told the season would be on hold. I was already trying to think of things that were going to keep my kids engaged and busy during this little “break” from school, and now we needed to keep everyone in good running shape, in the event we would be able to complete the season. I signed the twins up for a shorter version of the same virtual run I was doing. I am pretty sure their excitment about doing the virtual run with me stemmed primarily from a desire for the swag they would get when they were done, but just admit it–I know there are some of you out there who do races for the bling. So, plans this past week involved running workouts, core workouts and some strength training. I have appreciated having someone to share my goal with, andthe opportunity to involve the kids in something, especially at a time where the only thing consistent, is inconsistency.

Taper Time

Well, for those of you who are keeping your head in the game, and working towards your goals, this is most-likely nearing taper time. Your last hard workout may have come and gone already, or just on the horizon depending on your training regimine. Sometimes it can be difficult to taper, especially if you’ve stuck to a good schedule of consistent runs. I am usually on the “Constantly-catching-up-and-I’ll-just-happy-to-finish-the-race-vertical” plan, but my husband is a very disciplined runner, and sometimes has a hard time with resting as he nears a big race. Tapering is not a sign of weakness, laziness, or not training hard enough. On the contrary, tapering allows you to show up mentally and physically fresh and ready to race at a maximum effort.

An Uncharted Route Is Still Worth Running

I find that lately I skim the news outlets daily on my phone with one eye half open and the other one shut, as if I am bracing for a whatever curveball might be coming at us. It’s important in these times of unknown, to keep something consistent. I’ve found with the kids, and I believe it is true for most of us, the more they can consistently depend on: a schedule, a purpose, a goal at the end of preparation, the better. I am wishing you a restful taper week, where you keep moving toward a goal, and “the opportunity to do something differently”.

Happy Trails,
Allison Cuthie

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