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Start Your Running Season with Garden Spot Village – Come Run 2020!

Welcome Runners

It’s time to run 2020. Runners be a different breed. Most people don’t get us. I don’t know about you but I’m okay with that. We’ve got a vibe going on that connects us with each other. You can almost always spot another runner: the way we dress, the way we talk. I stopped by a neighbor’s backyard fire and during the conversation he said to one of the women, “you could just run over”, which caused me to ask, “are you a runner?” to which she answered, “I do these things called Ragnar Runs.” That was it, we were off and “running” shall we say on a conversation all our own.

Weekly E-mails

If this is your first time running with us welcome to this exclusive blog as you begin to run 2020. It’s for registered runners only. The blogs typically parallel your training plan to keep you going. Plus, you’ll get some race updates along the way. For example 92 runners registered on December 31, and the current count is 415 Half Marathon runners, 71 10K runners and 6 Kid’s Half runners for a total of 492 so far. Those numbers will go way up as we get closer to race day.

Social Media

Our primary social media platforms are Facebook & Instagram. We post content to both and we encourage you to like/follow us on one or both. It’s especially helpful as you run 2020 and we approach race day because it’s the easiest way for you to stay up to date on the latest happenings and alerts.

Introducing a Fresh Perspective

I’m very happy to introduce you to Allison Cuthie. Allison is a long-time runner and she has been on the planning team for several years. She will be our new weekend inspirational blogger as you run 2020. I’m especially excited that Allison will be writing to you because she will bring a fresh new perspective. Right now, 292 of you are ladies and 200 are guys. Each year the number of female runners has been increasing. It’s a national trend. Way to go ladies!!

Week-in, Week-out Bliss

Race day is 84 days from today, Friday 1/3/2020. That is precisely 12 weeks. This is your opportunity to get yourself in tip-top shape as you run 2020 and prepare for the 2020 running season. Whether you are at the front or the back of the pack (I’m a back-of-the-pack-guy) you owe it to yourself to be your best and do your best to enjoy every step. We both know the more you run and the more tenacious you are in sticking to your training plan, the more rewarding your run will be on race day.

My goal is to always finish, even if I have to crawl across the finish line but it feels so much better when I finish and I feel like I’ve got a bunch more miles in my legs. That is the difference between sticking to your training plan and pulling the covers over your head because it’s cold, windy, snowing or raining at training time.

Road Apple Award

If you are registered for our Half Marathon why not make this the year you get your first Road Apple Award? If you already have one you could always use another one. You get it by running both our half marathon and the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon in the same calendar year.

Best Training Season Ever

My hope for you as you run 2020 and during this training season is that it is your best ever! I’m confident that Allison will be a weekly inspiration as she not only blogs but runs with you for the next 12 weeks.

Thank you for running with us. Do us a favor and inspire some of your friends to join you on race day. It’s fun to run with friends. Feel free to forward this blog so they can register at Garden Spot Village Half Marathon 10K & Kids Half Marathon. I hope to see you on race day!!

Run On,
Scott -rd

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