Taper Time

If you’re running 26.2 you should be in your taper. If you’re running 13.1 depending upon your training program your taper is on the horizon. Those taper miles are just as important as your long runs. Don’t ignore them, you want to keep your legs and body in the grove.

On the other side of the coin, I don’t about you, but I start feeling like a wimp if I’m only doing a couple of miles. I was on a 2 mile taper run earlier this week and when I hit the 1 mile turn around I kept on going. Then I thought about you and the type of encouragement in these e-mail. A hundred yards beyond the turn around I did turn around. Stick to plan Miller!

Short Runs

The short runs will help keep you muscles loose and your body ready to run. My long taper run last weekend was 12 miles, that’s a good long distance. A 3 mile and a 2 mile run during the week. A 2 mile run Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday. Make sure to stretch. The danger in too much time off and/or skipping those short runs is cramps and pulls on race day. You don’t want that.

Nutrition & Hydration

I picked up a few pounds over the last couple of weeks because I’m eating the same and running less which means burning less calories. Every long distance training article will tell you it’s normal to pick up a few pounds and I get that but, I don’t really like it. Be careful not to starve yourself just before the race. You’re going to want those extra calories on race day.

In addition, it’s easy to drink less. I carry water if running 5 or 7 miles¬†but not 2 or 3. I have to remind myself to keep the fluid intake up.

Sunday’s the Day

I run 26.2 on Sunday at the Ocean Drive Marathon. It’s a point-to-point from Cape May to Sea Isle City, NJ. Right now it’s Friday¬†evening and I’m a little antsy and wired up. In the 2 day countdown. I talked about the run a lot today because I work with runners or others helping to plan the GSV marathon so they get it. I just wanna go and get after the 26.2. Do the run. I’m trying to relax. I’ll probably drive my wife crazy between now and Sunday morning.

Runners Guide

We posted the Runners Guide today. It has a lot of information about the race and race day. The course and campus map are included. I hope you check it out.

If you have friends who want to run – Online Registration Closes Sunday at midnight. We do walk up registrations at Packet Pick-up Friday night and the morning of the race. You can also switch to the full or half at that time.

See you in 2 weeks. Enjoy the runs.

Run On!


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