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Some Runs are Amazing. Others a Disaster

I was so totally looking forward to my long run a week ago, 15 miles, but it turned out to be a disaster! Why is it when we can’t seem to motivate ourselves, but we get out there, we have the run of our life? They are amazing. However, when we look forward to a run it turns out to be a miserable disaster?

Almost total disaster, that was the story of that 15 mile run. Through the first 3 miles I couldn’t get my breath, literally. It felt like I couldn’t breath. I pushed the first mile but during the second I almost called it quits. I walked most of it at 17:42. You read that right 17:42. I was on the verge of calling for a ride but decided if I completed 2 I could complete at least 5 even if I had to walk all of them. Since training includes eating gels so your body adjusts to them I had one around mile 4. When all the caffeine, sugar and whatever else is in there kicked in everything changed. The second half was much better than the first and I ended up running a 2:12 negative split on the back 8. Given the start that ain’t something to write home about.

Given the disaster a week ago, I was a bit apprehensive about this weekend’s long run even though the distance was a drop back to 13. I’ve run a number of half marathons and this weekend, even though it wasn’t official, turned out to be my fastest 13 ever. The only slowdowns were to take a gel and/or a drink. I’m not very coordinated when it comes to drinking on the run. This weekend was one of those over the top exhilarating runs. You know the type. The ones where you feel like you could run forever. Every breath, every step is bliss.

That’s the way of the run. Some are pure misery and others are like a stroll through heaven. Don’t let the lousy runs discourage you. As long as you’re not injured or running with bonafide pain (there is a difference between pain and aches) look for ways to keep going.

Both 13.1 and 26.2 training plans will be calling for greater distance during the week and your weekend long runs. Some runs will be wonderful some probably won’t. Some days you’ll feel like running, others you won’t. The reason it’s called training is to get you through the tough stuff so you’re ready for race day. Don’t worry about your last run. Just get out there and run the next one.

Run On!

Scott Miller, RD
Garden Spot Village Marathon | Half Marathon

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