Running Technique

How’s your running technique?  When I first started running I didn’t think too much about technique. I just got out an old sweatshirt, sweatpants and put on a pair of Keds.  Personally, I think that is the way to start. Just get out there. All the other stuff becomes more important as mileage and endurance begin to build.

Shameless Plug

Garden Spot Village is an age restricted community. You need to be 55 to live here. A number of runners over the years have come back after the race to learn more about all the advantages of the community. It’s far more than you might expect. You are certainly invited to visit at a later date. If you’re 50 plus it’s well worth it to come to one of our Look & Learn presentations to discover why this is such an amazing lifestyle. You can get a pretty good idea about what goes on other than a marathon/half marathon at

Anyway . . . I mention all that because there are a fair number of both resident and staff runners at Garden Spot. The story that follows is about a resident. He ran his first half, last year at the age of 70 and is registered for his second this year.

Runner Story

About a month ago Don and I got into a conversation about running. We were comparing aches and pains. You know how that goes. The conversation turned to running technique and I shared something that I  came across 10 years ago. This week he drops into my office and says, “you changed my life!” I can’t believe the difference that made. My wife decided to give it a try and now we’re using the technique to walk together. It’s amazing I’ve been telling everyone about it. In addition to his wife getting involved his pace is faster and the aches and pains have subsided.

The Technique

I had told him about Chi Running. The basic premise is that rather than a heal-to-toe forward stride where you push off your back foot, instead you keep your back straight, lean forward, use more of a peddling motion, come down on the ball of your foot and catch your weight. There are a bunch of YouTube videos and you can sign up for courses. It feels really weird when you first try it but it’s become my technique of choice and works for me. Don watched the videos and it seems to be working for him. I’m glad I could help.I discovered Chi Running after another runner told me about the Pose Technique. I had been having leg issues at the time.

Side story: I had dinner with a guy a number of years ago and when I mentioned marathons he commented,”I’ve never run just a marathon.” That got my attention. He had completed 107 Ironmans! He said, “next time you run keep your back straight, lean forward and catch your weight peddling like you’re riding a bike and land on the ball of you foot. I promise you’ll take a minute per mile off your pace.”

The whole point is that technique can make a difference, especially if the distance seems to be taking a toll on your body.

49 Days And Counting

Keep up the training. You’ve been at it for a while so don’t slack off now – but – stick to plan! As of today, Friday there are 49 days ’till race day. Get out there and have a fantastic long run this weekend. I mentioned last week you’re in the Injury Zone. The higher the mileage and the longer the runs the easier it is to injury yourself so be careful. We want to see you on race day!

Fees make their final jump March 1st so if you have any friends who have been thinking about registering but have not clicked “register” encourage them to do so.

Be safe out there! Enjoy every step! Have a blast and may the endorphins carry you to bliss!

Run On!
Scott -rd





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