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2019 Shirt

This Weekend & Next

It’s taper time! When taper time arrives some runners are thrilled and others feel like wimps. I used to feel like a wimp until I realized how really, really beneficial they are. Our bodies need time to rest. With a couple weeks of recovery you’ll have a better race day! Taper time is good for you.

Taper Time Defined

In case you haven’t heard of Taper Time it’s when you back down your distance and intensity before race day to give your body time to recover to optimum performance. I’m not an optimum performance kinda guy. I like long slow distance and the back of the pack works for me. What I will say, is that a good taper benefits even me because I feel better and enjoy the run a lot more.

This is your long run or intense run weekend. From here on you’ll do yourself a favor by ramping things back until race day. To learn more here are links to Half Marathon Taper Time and 10K Taper Time articles. I thought both of them are pretty good.

Nuts & Bolts of Race Weekend

You can see from the picture above what your shirt will look like. They come in both men and ladies cuts. Cow bells have arrived for your cheerleaders. They will be on sale for $5 each. Everything else is right on schedule. It’s all coming together for a great weekend.

The Runner’s Guide is complete. We will post it early next week on the website under Quick Facts.

There are NO road closures this year. The police, fire police and EMT’s are all set and will be out supporting the course. You will cross, for what is a breath taking country run, what we consider a couple of pretty busy roads. You might be asked to wait at at an intersection or two.

Please pay attention to traffic, run on the left side of the road, and cooperate with the fire police. We want everyone to be safe and they appreciate it. One of the reasons we get such great support from our police, fire police and EMTs is because year-after-year they tell us what great people you are! They are always amazed when huff’n, puff’n out of breath runners give them a thumbs up or croak out a, Thank You!

Up Next

It’s about 34 degrees with 20 mile an hour winds in Lititz. Writing to you has helped motivate me! I’m pretty busy on race day so I won’t be running with you, but I’m signed up for the Potomac Half Marathon on May 5th. I’ve got 6 on my schedule today so I’m gonna to hit the trail.

Run On!
Scott -rd

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