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Race Day Approaches Fast

Time to run – isn’t that a great title? For you and me and every other runner in the world it’s a welcome phrase. Doesn’t your attitude pick-up just a little when you think “time to run” in a positive, anticipatory way as you head out the door? Mine does!

Today’s Run

It’s 6:10 Friday morning as I write this. I rolled out at 5:00 a.m. was dressed and out the door at 5:15. It’s 47 degrees. Not a breeze in the air or a cloud in the sky. The moon is bright. Just enough chill to bring a smile to my face. It was the perfect time to run! Did 2 miles at an 11:34 pace which is about a 2.5 hour half marathon. I know that because I paced a 2.5 hour half a couple of years ago.

Remember the Taper

Last weekend we talked about tapers. You want to back things off this week. Your mind and body may want to go further but you’ll do yourself a favor if you back down your speed and your distance. It’s a proven fact.

How About That Medal

Isn’t that the coolest medal ever? The 10K and Kids Marathon are the same design. I think it’s the coolest medal ever but then it was our idea :). In case you missed it we’ll be pulling some lucky runner’s bib number and they will win a balloon ride for 2. When it’s time to run on Saturday think hot air balloon thoughts and maybe that ride will be yours!

Runners Ask Every Year

Every year runners ask, what is this place? Garden Spot Village is a 55 & over resort style community as you will see when you get here. Endurance sports enthusiasts from all across the country visit each year and a number of you have retired here. Many people tell us they never imagined retirement could be so good!

We’ll be introducing 50 new single family homes in late April. The community and floors plans won a national innovation award in 2018. Visit Garden Spot Village and press the Sycamore Springs button if you’re retired or thinking about retirement and want to trade up your lifestyle.

Runners Guide

The Runners Guide is online. Visit Quick Facts and select Runners Guide. There is a lot of good information in this easy to read guide. I hope you check it out.

See on next weekend!!

Run On!
Scott -rd

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