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Along the Lititz-Ephrata Rail Trail

A Bit Remiss

Hello Runners. A number of you have emailed and posted on our facebook page about the weekly e-mails. I’ve been a bit remiss due to a number of “complicating” factors (see the link at the bottom for the full story). Keep an eye out from now until Race Day. The good news is – I’m back and I encourage you to train smart!

Tough Going

If you’ve run with us in the past and got my e-mails you are well aware that I tend to be full of warnings, especially as we get closer to race day. Why? Because we have this natural tendency to ramp up training in the final weeks to make up lost time, lost miles and lost training. It’s also during this time that we get the most e-mails because people have injured themselves.

Less than 9 months ago I had open heart surgery so I’m very happy to be writing you 🙂 ! I’m pretty unhappy about my running stamina. Until today my furthest distance was 6 miles. Really, really slow 6 miles. I signed up for a marathon in early May. I’ve re-calibrated my ambition and switched to their half.

Today’s Cardinal Sins

Today’s plan called for 5 and 7 next week. It was 30 degrees this morning so I left the water in the car plus I hadn’t eaten anything before leaving the house.

You’ve had those days where the run is absolute bliss and you want to just keep going. I just kept going. It was 3 miles to the bridge across the creek in the photo above and I ran another 1/2 mile past there. The photo was on the return leg. Instead of 5 I did 7 without any fuel or water. That my running friends is nuts. It’s a sure fire way to an exhaustion migraine this afternoon and escalates the risk of injury.

What Was I Thinking

In one respect it was a milestone. It’s the first time since the surgery that I literally “ran” 3 continuous miles without stopping or walking. I was doing a happy dance in my head rather than sticking to plan or thinking about what on earth I was doing. It was feel’n good and I just kept going.

There is a saving grace. I know better. Once I hit 3 miles I started to mix in walking. I went to the pick a point. Run to the point. Slow to a walk. Pick a point. Walk to the point. Start to Run. Strategy. By mile 6 I knew if I kept it up I’d either injury myself or pay a really high price around 3:00 this afternoon so I walked the last mile.

Train Smart

We are coming into the final stretch, 27 days until race day. I’m excited and can hardly wait.

Train smart. Pushing too hard too fast is injury city and I want to see you on April 6th. A good rule of training is to add extra miles at least 1 minute slower per mile than your training pace. Add 1, 2 miles at the most. On long runs fuel up ahead of time and carry gel packs. Take water with you. In cold weather you should be drinking 2 oz every 2 miles. Stretch after your run to relax your muscles. Make sure to eat enough proteins to repair and build muscle tissue after long runs.

Race Day

I was really excited to write to you today. If you’re interested in “where I’ve been” check out this link: The Tough Road Back.

Your medal this year is a replica of the Garden Spot Village hot air balloon. It both hangs on a ribbon and it will stand upright on your desk. It is really. really cool. The shirt design matches it. Based on runner feedback we went with a quality soft cotton t-shirt and a distressed rendering of the balloon. The shirt is just as cool as the medal.

See you April 5 & 6!

Run On!
Scott -rd

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