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The timing of the GSV half marathon and 10K is great because you can commit to it as part of a New Year’s goal and be ready by the end of March. Unless you are one of those people of whom I am jealous: the ones who are always in half marathon, or (gasp!) marathon shape.

Running on Happy

If you started a training plan around the beginning of January, you are about in the third or fourth week, as I am. This is a tough part for me. How about you? You start out that training plan feeling kind of jazzed, right?! The easiest part of the race journey is clicking on the submit registration button! You give your running wardrobe a once-over, and assess the tread on your shoes. Good to go.

Figurative Pothole

First week goes fine, I mean, why wouldn’t it? A couple of slow, easy miles—no problem. Second week- got some bad weather mixed in there, that made it a little harder to get out, but we are muscling through right?! Third week- mileage is going up a bit, and now the workouts are starting to require real planning for enough time, recovery, etc.

Accountability is Key

What’s a busy, tired lady to do? Some of my go-to strategies have to do with accountability. Sometimes your biggest boost can come from relating to others in your training journey.

I print out my training schedule and hang it on the front of my refrigerator. Now everyone in my house knows what my goals are each day for training. It’s hard to ignore those miles if they are staring at you in black and white.

Running is a partner sport

Pick a partner! When you are lying in bed before the sun comes up, contemplating staying under the covers, if someone is waiting for you to meet them, you better believe you are getting out of bed! You will both thank each other for that gift of motivation.

Sleep Ready

Go to sleep in your running clothes! If you are a morning runner, this simple step will help you get out the door. I mean, you are already half-ready to roll. If I am running in the evening or after work, I set my running clothes out before I leave in the morning, so they are there to greet me when I get home.

It’s a good day for a run

Just do it-If you’ve had a rough week, and you didn’t get your runs in, it can feel like a failure. The good news is it’s easy to get back on track. Literally, get back on the track, treadmill, sidewalk, or trail. You might have had a packed week with several failures behind you- but that’s the point; they are behind you, and you are on the forefront of the rest of your awesome running journey.

Happy Trails,

Allison Cuthie

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